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Songwriter, pianist and singer, Alexane Roy is passionate about music and words.  Her time was well used creating shows, teaching, conducting a choir and practicing.  Always eager to learn, she studied all the way to the master’s degree in music in Indiana, Pensylvania, USA. She also took classes in business in 2011-2012 and Gerontology in 2014. Alexane now concentrates on working with elders having cognitive issues like Alzheimer's disease, and helping those who take care of them, using music, humor, dance and other non pharmaceutical tools.

She got a first bachelor degree from McGill in classical music and a few years later, a second bachelor from UQAM in pop and jazz music.  She worked as an accompanist and private piano teacher for a while and then started conducting bands and choirs.

Her first experiences with jazz gigs were on cruiseships in 1998.  She later created a trio that performed regularly in the Montreal area from 2000 to 2010.  She is a natural entertainer and on request, she can also compose songs for special events.

The urge to write surprised her at the age of  25 when she heard a radio interview with the famous Yves Duteil.  From then on, it was clear to her  that  songs were a powerful way to inspire people and even sometimes help out  a stranger.

She gets her inspiration in classical from Debussy, Chopin, Brahms.  On the pop scene, Terez Montcalm, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Harmonium, Maurane are a few of those numerous artists she loves.

Her lyrics are inspired by everyday life.  She will make you laugh with her song Les chauffeurs à chapeaux(bad drivers with hats) and will move you with Le grand jardin(the huge garden that her grandfather used to have) .

Her first show called "Boutabou" was presented in Montreal and the area in 1997-98. It was built around the subject of taboos in our society.  Alexane Roy can talk about the real things with simplicity and a genuine openess.

In 2001, she went to Europe to present her second show "Le tricycle rouge".  It  was a mix of her songs and Félix Leclerc’s work.  In 2002, she went to live in Pensylvania for a year  in order to study.  She continued writing and performing as well.

Between 2004 and 2011, she concentrated on teaching in elementary schools so she could have most of  her evenings with her son.  Particularly aware of the environment issues, she gave her students not only music classes but also a sense of respect for our planet.  During those years, she performed a show inspired by the most famous movie sound tracks, and another one purely Félix Leclerc.

Alexane Roy has offered a third original show  called "Un humain nu-main".  It was first performed october 28th, 2011 at the Moulinet in Terrebonne and  then at the Place des Arts May 3rd, 2012. 

Since 2013, Alexane has concentrated her efforts on offering senior citizens their favorite music, especially those with neurocognitive disorders. She went back to school studying gerontology in 2014 to better understand how to communicate with them and help others do the same. She created a busines is called: Soins Musicaux(musical care) but since the pandemic, activities had to be suspended.

She wrote a book called living...LOVING, a heuristic guide through Alzheimer's land. She now concentrates her activities on writing and offering workshops and conferences online.

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