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Singing and piano lessons

The singing lesson The lessons offered by Alexane Roy are suitable for those who want to sing professionally, prepare and audition, sing for fun or learn how to use their voice better, even their speaking voice.  Alexane gives workshops if you prefer to learn in a group setting.  She was classically trained with Denise Pelletier, Marie Daveluy and others.  She later learned popular and jazz techniques with Dominique Primeau at UQAM.To sing is one of my greatest joys.  To teach voice gives me the pleasure of sharing this passion.  In a singing lesson, I invite you to discover you own voice, using vocal exercises that are efficient and songs that speak to you. The piano lesson Wether you feel like learning the piano for fun or improving you classical, popular or jazz skills, Alexane Roy offers you the possibility of learning by ear or with music notation.We choose the best method, the one that is most appropriate to your needs and ways of learning.  For a child, it depends on his age, his maturity and his interests.  There are many different books that we can choose from.Remember that it’s always the time to learn, even at 97 years old.

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