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Optimize your voice

You use your voice everyday to speak and that voice talks about you.  Is it clear, strong, solid ?  It’s important to take care of your voice to keep it healthy.

If you do have some issues expressing yourself, if your voice sometimes cracks or shakes, there are some ways to heal it, to regain confidence.

In this workshop, you will learn fun ways to either heal your voice or take care of it.  You will even be invited to sing a few notes, just for fun.

A brief description of the biological structure of the vocal cords and the resonators will be presented.  Afterwards, we will do some exercises together and learn how to use that voice of yours in the best possible way.

You are a sales man ?  This workshop will help you with confidence and even with your sales.

You are a conference speaker ?  This workshop will help you getting more attention from your public.

You are a teacher ?  You will stop straining your voice and learn how to use it in a way that your students will better listen to you.

You are a singer ?  You will discover even more colors to your voice and learn how to be the most natural in public.

Alexane Roy has over 20 years of experience as a singer, teacher and entertainer.  She has performed many shows and presented workshops for adults and children.

You can reach her by writing at : info alexaneroy.com


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