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Shows for kids

Alexane offered workshops for kids of all ages and according to your needs, the concepts had more music or more speech.  In any form, the kids had fun, learned a lot and develop rhythmic and melodic skills.

La vie de chanteur (The life of a singer) (age 6 to 12) showed the everyday life of an artist. The kids discovered that behind the beautiful voice that can console or move you, there is some work done every day.  Alexane invited the kids to try a few of the vocal exercises she performed and a few songs.

I love to play characters of the classical, jazz and pop scene.  I sing excerpts of very contrasting styles and I have a lot of fun with all of them !

THE LIFE OF A SINGER, 50 minutes long, was followed by questions and conversations with the kids. It was presented at the Bibliothèque des Moulins in Terrebonne.

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by Dr. Radut.