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Musical services


Musical services(Alexane Roy specialises with elders presenting neurocognitive disorders since 2015. You can ave more information here: soinsmusicaux.ca

1.Entertainment & Songs

There’s an event you have to organise at work?  You are getting married or your parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary?  Alexane Roy can play solo or come with a double bass, violon or other instruments.  Her trio(piano-bass-drum) with whom she sings since 2005 can also be an interesting option.
You like Chopin, Brel, Sting?  She can play in those different styles of music.  You would prefer a song written just for your event?  That’s possible too.
Songwriter and singer, she received grants from the Arts and Letters Council twice(1998-2001).  On the stage, Alexane is like a fish in the sea and the audience can feel that.  Her songs are either funny or very touching.  She sings blues, swing as well as ballads.

2.Teaching for adults and children according to their needs and tastes

For professionnals or amateurs that want to play classical, pop or jazz music, Alexane Roy is a teacher that will adapt her lessons according to your special needs.
The way Alexane teaches, you can learn to read notes as well as playing by ear.  She uses both classical and pop&jazz charts so she’s comfortable showing you both.
Individual and group classes : voice, piano, recorder, vocal coaching, keyboard and the basics for percussion and guitar.  Group classes are mainly during the summer.

3.Band and choir conducting/Accompanist

Excellent accompanist in both classical and pop/jazz setting, she’s a natural choir and band leader too.  She listens…  She is sensitive and kind.  She will look for the « right » interpretation with you.

4. Workshops for kids and adults

You want to optimise the power of your voice, develop you rhythmic abilities or simply learn to sing for fun?  Alexane Roy creates workshops that will suit your needs.  She likes different kinds of clientele and will adapt to their personalities and ways of learning.
For kids, she put together shows where they learn a lot, and at the same time have a lot of fun.  Those shows can be presented in schools, libraries and even in a private setting.

For more information, you can write to Alexane at : info@alexaneroy.com


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